Monday, April 9, 2007

Chapter Positions

These are the positions open for our chapter. Those interested are encouraged to fill in the applications and submit them to me by the next meeting.

DIRECTOR FINANCE – Treasurer for the chapter and is responsible for maintaining efficiency in financial obligations/matters for the chapter. Overviews activities of the Fundraising Leader, who is responsible for devising methods of collecting funds and the Budget Management Leader who prepares a chart for the annual budget for our chapter.

DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS – Responsible for maintaining co-ordination of events among members, communicating to members about meetings, events, workshops, projects, deadlines and public relations events. The director of operations have for their assistance a web development leader, who will maintain updates on the website, a membership leader who will address issues faced by members and ensure that each member is involved, event management leader who will look out for important events and workshops.

CO-ORDINATOR – Responsible for faculty co-ordination and mentor co-ordination. Must seek out potential faculty and mentors who can guide students with their research papers. Could work with the Director of Operations to arrange events.