Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our New Policy Centers!

Hello Everyone,

What's new at GT Roosevelt Institution?

Well - we've set up 7 exciting policy centers, tailored to your interests. Here they are:

1. Health Care
2. Trade, Economic Development and Fiscal Policy
3. Energy and Environment
4. Defence and Diplomacy, Equal Justice
5. Education and Social Policy
6. Sustainability, Technology and Public Policy
7. International/Foreign Affairs, Race/Ethnicity and Gender

What are policy centers? Well, policy centers are much like hubs connecting members with similar interests and passions and getting members to engage in debate, discussion, events or research in that particular policy area. Are you interested in any of these centers? If so, please e-mail or update/create your membership profile if you haven't done so already by filling out this application form.

Let's start making a difference!